2018 MVA Certificates

2018 MVA Certificates

Congrats everyone! Sorry it took us so long to get these up. They have been printed for several months but we were hoping to find a partner to sponsor the cost to send them to everyone. Unfortunately, monetary support is slim within the photo industry. We haven’t given up yet though, we are testing ads on certain pages (like the one below) to see how they fit. Hopefully they will help with the cost to run MVA. As soon as we can we’ll get your certificate mailed to you. For now, just right-click and save. 

As we ramp up for the MVA 2019, we plan to put together a few digital products for the site and social media. If you have some extra time, there is a form at the bottom of the page with questions regarding your winning imagery. Also, if you have any suggestions/comments as we go into the next season of awards, feel free to add them in. Good or bad, let us know what you think did or didn’t work with MVA 2018.

MVA 2019 is already shaping up to be a lot more effective this year. We’re still in the process of confirming judges but some impressive photographers have already agreed to participate. 

In addition to everything, MVA will be doing our best to continually boost a positive reputation in the eyes of the DoD. Earlier this year we had several great conversations with various DoD leaders about the intent and future of MVA. Some really influential points were made on both sides and many of them have shaped MVA 2019 for the better.   

Photographer Questions

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