9 Reasons Military Spouses Make Great Photographers

9 Reasons Military Photographers Make Great Photographers

If you are a military spouse photographer read to the end!

1. They Work Harder

More often than not, military spouses are just tougher. With all of the demands of military life, they have to be. That means they are willing to work harder. They go above and beyond to get that perfect picture. From being patient during a portrait session to learning more about their camera and picture editing. Mil spouse photographers go to the extra mile to capture memories and create everlasting pictures to cherish.

2. They Travel Often

Whether they like it or not, military spouses know how to travel! Regardless if they have been on their military journey for 20 years or 20 months, mil spouse photographers have seen a lot. Often times, traveling to so many different locations give ample opportunities to take great pictures. From beautiful landscapes and cityscapes to portraits in beautiful settings, they have some of the best options for incredible photography locations.

3. Creative Outlet

Though travelling has its perks, military spouses are constantly having to make new friends. Sometimes this it can be challenging to handle. But that’s where photography comes into play! Many military spouse photographers use their camera as a way to express themselves. Some days, picking up a camera and getting creative is the perfect medicine!

4. They Make Their Schedule

Nine to five? What is that? Several mil spouse photographers take their passion for photography and use it whenever they want. When the other half is deployed or off training in various locations around the world, they have nothing but time, well… when kids, work, appointments, and everything else that always seems to pop up comes into play maybe there is less time than you would like! Time to do as they please (sometimes), taking great pictures every step of the way!

5. Military Blues

Just as the deployments and training come often, unfortunately the not so easy days sometimes come more often than wanted. (Sometimes called the “Military Blues”) But photography is always there to keep things interesting! Often times this makes the pictures even better. What better way to pass the time than perfecting the art of photography? For some, taking the kids to the park just as the sunlight is getting good or hopping in the car to chase a beautiful sunset creates the most amazing picture. Time is valuable and most military spouses understand this so perfectly.

6. Connecting with Military Families

You want great family pictures? You know, the ones where everyone is genuinely smiling. Mil spouse photographers have a way of connecting with their subjects! Military life often creates bonds that last a lifetime and this absolutely shows in pictures.

7. Uniforms

Everyone loves a man or woman in uniform! Mil spouse photographers have some of the best models in the world. Whether it is a newborn baby wrapped in their parents’ uniform or simply a family picture with mom or dad wearing their best, all the colors of our military make for the great photographs.

8. Homecomings

I mean, who doesn’t love those pictures of a spouse and kids running up to hug their favorite military member coming home from a long deployment. Military spouses have access to some of the most heart-warming events on the planet. Homecomings are unlike anything else in the world. The explosion of emotion from all involved certainly brings out the best in photographs!

9. They are Unique

Simply put, military spouse photographers are unique. From the extraordinary people they photograph to the amazing locations they photograph in; mil spouse photographers are truly one of a kind. There are hundreds of aspects that make these photographers who they are. That’s why there are things like “Best of 2019” Military Dependents Photography competition, to show off just how amazing mil spouse photographers are!

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