2020 Photography Trends

Best of 2019 - Military Dependents

1. Vibrant Colors

For the past few years, one trend that has been active is desaturating all colors or specific colors in photographs. As 2020 moves in to take its place, Vibrant Colors has been on the rise. Whether it’s simply boosting the saturation in post or taking pictures in locations bursting with color, Vibrant Colors are sure to make their mark this year!

2. Drone Photography

We have all seen them and many of us already own one. Drone Photography is coming in hot! Though many drone users are using them in unique ways like getting portraits from a slightly higher angle or even to help fit everyone in the frame for large group shots. This year, Drone Photography isn’t just for landscapes! But honestly, who doesn’t love an aerial view of a beautiful landscape.  

3. Minimalism

Complex and intricate photography is often a sought-after skill. As the new decade moves in many photographers are taking the simpler approach. Minimalism helps viewers focus on what is really important in the photograph. Try taking out any distracting elements in the picture so that the subject is the main ingredient in your recipe for great photography!

4. Vertical

Though it may have started with an abundance of unexperienced photographers using their cellphones to post 847 pictures of their vacation to social media, Vertical pictures have become a standard. Used most often by knowledgeable photographers for portraits, many are using Vertical pictures for almost everything. Challenge yourself to make great pictures using Vertical composition!

5. Bright Light

Some might simply be over exposed, but many are taking Bright Light pictures on purpose! Shooting directly into the sun or bringing up the exposure a little more than usual can create a whole new mood. This method often works well with portraits or any picture that needs a little more happiness in it. Give it a try!

6. Light Painting

Often considered a more advanced technique, Light Painting occurs when the camera’s shutter is open for a duration of time while a light source is moved throughout the frame. Many DSLR cameras can keep their shutters open for up to 30 seconds (some for as long as you want). Light Painting is a fun and unique way to create jaw dropping pictures. Find a dark setting, open the shutter, and move a bright light source through your frame for your next great photograph!

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