Jodi Martinez

“Creative expression is not meant to be discussed in a vacuum. To truly advance storytelling ability, we must have a competition where we all have a stake, whether it’s through an open submission process where an entire community can engage or through offering perspective and expertise in valuable ways. That’s exactly what this competition allows for.”

-Jodi Martinez

Jodi Martinez is a photojournalist and military veteran. She has been recognized with multiple military photojournalism awards and recognitions, including third place Military Photographer of the Year and multiple 1st and 2nd place individual award categories.

She has been published in the U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff Reading List and National Geographic. She began her career at the 1st Combat Camera Squadron. As a part of Combat Camera, she would document and transmit images for government archival use, as well as photograph overseas exercises and humanitarian effects. After nearly five years at her unit, she was accepted into the Syracuse University Advanced Military Photojournalism Program, which she graduated in 2016. Also in that year, she attended the Eddie Adams Workshop, joining an alumni that boasts some of the best photojournalists in the world.