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MAJCOM Request Form

January 13 UPDATE: After a conversation with Air Force PA, top career field leadership, MAJCOM Request Forms WILL NOT be needed until the new AFI is officially released. Originally, knowing the AFI would be released during the MVA submission window, we requested that all AF personnel submit this form to prevent any conflict with submitting before the AFI is released. As of the day of this update, AF personnel DO NOT need to request permission to submit official AF imagery. See pending AFI below.

AFI 35-101

*The Air Force Instruction update is expected to be released by the end of January 2020* Entry of all Air Force products into any awards competition requires clearance through AFPAA/AOX. Entry of all Air Force video productions into any awards competition requires the production have a PIN assigned by AFPAA/AOX.

January 8th Update: U.S. Air Force public affairs members are required to receive permission from their MAJCOM public affairs and SAF/PA before submitting photos and/or videos to MVA. We have provided the MAJCOM Request Form, to make your submission request easy and convenient.

DIRECTIONS: Once the form is completely filled out, click ‘submit’ and a copy of your form will be displayed in a new window (desktop only). You can save that copy or download your form from the email sent to the ‘Military Email’ you provided. Please include a copy of your form in your request to your MAJCOM public affairs and SAF/PA. Once your media is approved for submission, your form is no longer needed, simply submit your media!

*Your form will ONLY be sent to the Military Email you provided (please allow up to 5 minutes to receive email) and a copy will be displayed for your immediate download (desktop only). Forms will NOT be sent by Military Visual Awards to any MAJCOM or SAF/PA. Please do not submit any media not approved for submission.*

MAJCOM Request Form
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