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MVA 2020 Award Winning

Picture Story

A series of at least 5 and not more than 10 pictures that depict a storyline or theme. Individual photos from within a picture story may also be submitted into any of the individual photo categories.

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  • Pictures must have been taken in 2020.
  • Videos must have been produced in 2020.
  • Any person from any country is eligible to submit.
  • Single photographs can be entered into only one individual photo category.
  • Single videos can be entered into only one individual video category.
  • Photos submitted with watermarks will be disqualified.
  • Submission captions and/or metadata must not include entrant’s name.
  • Submissions must comply with the “MVA Ethics Statement”

We do not allow any sort of manipulation to the content of an image, except for the Illustration category. This includes Instagram-type effects or filters on photos taken with phones or other devices. Only basic color correction and cropping are allowed to maintain the integrity and ethical standards of the industry. Normal burning and dodging is acceptable, so long as not to eliminate or obscure subject matter. It is our responsibility as photojournalists to document and present images in an honest manner. As a result, the judging panel or members of the board may disqualify any images that do not meet the ethical standards put forth. We also reserve the right to request RAW files if the image is in question. Entrants are responsible for the integrity and public releasability of any and all parts of their submissions.