Focus Group

Wouldn’t it be nice if people could contact you to hire you as their photographer by searching for photographers in their area? 

AND the list of photographers would only include military affiliated spouses/dependents!

My name is Jensen, (you can look me up on Facebook if you’d like), and I’m an Air Force veteran who spent my time in service as a photographer. Over the years I’ve come to realize the exhausting attempts people make every single day to find a photographer near them to take family pictures, newborn pictures, etc. If you’re in any spouses group on Facebook, you’ve seen this too! So I’m on a mission to create an easy to use list for military spouses/dependent photographers to build a short listing so that those searching for a photographer can find you easily!

Would you mind answering a few questions to help make the “photog findr” list the best possible option for you as the photographer and your potential clients? It should only take about 5 minutes to complete and I’ll make sure to give you special lifetime benefits on the list!

Focus Group (PhotogFindr)
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If you have any questions or want to reach out to me, please send me an email!