Standard Operating Procedures

*Note: 1 & 2 purposely left out.

3. Eligibility: MVA entries can be submitted by Active Duty, Guard or Reserve service members who perform the duties of a Public Affairs Specialist, Mass Communication Specialists, Combat Camera, PAO, Photographer or Photojournalist. Images taken on or after Jan. 1, 2018 and before or on Dec. 31, 2018 can be entered. All imagery MUST be cleared for public release and have caption info.

4. Registering and Submitting: All entries will be submitted through the user’s photo gallery attachment “MVA_Uploading Guide”)

5. Submission Formatting

5.1  Each entry must have a title embedded in the IPTC info of the image.

5.2  Color or black and white entries are acceptable in all categories.

5.3  Image Specifications for Digital Originals: The final image should be 10 inches or less at the largest dimension at a resolution no higher than 300 ppi as RGB or Grayscale. Do not use CMYK. Save the image as a JPEG, with the highest quality level of .jpg.

5.4 Each entrant can submit no more than 3 entries per category (excluding MVA Photographer of the Year, which shall have 1 entree). Category “Picture Story” must consist of at least 5 and no more than 10 individual photos. Note that each picture story submitted counts as one entry. Any additional entries uploaded, in any category exceeding the maximum number of entries, will not be judged. Example: If 7 photos are uploaded to the users “Feature” folder, only the first 3 images will be judged.

5.5 Photo caption will be embedded in the image IPTC metadata. All captions will be reviewed by judges for further background about the image. Please make sure captions are clear and concise. Do not include a byline. See example caption below.

5.5.1 “U.S. Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Sandra Rodriguez re-pins a weight to a wheel switch on the landing gear of an F/A-18C Hornet aboard the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis, which is under way in the Pacific Ocean, May 20, 2018. Rodriguez is an aviation electrician’s mate. The John C. Stennis is participating in an exercise off the coast of Southern California.”

6. Category Codes: The following abbreviations should be used to designate the category in which an entry should be entered. Each file name will include a Category Code at the beginning. Failure to use the correct code at the beginning of a file name could result in an entry being placed into the wrong category or not judged..

CDO – Combat Documentation Operational

CDT- Combat Documentation Training

NEW – News

FEA – Feature

POR – Portrait / Personality

ILL – Illustrative Photography

PIC – Pictorial

SPO – Sports

PS – Picture Story

MVAPOY – Military Visual Awards Photographer of the Year

7. File Naming for Single Entries: All files entered into competition must be named as follows:

7.1  Enter the Category Code (FEA, NEW, PIC, etc.)

7.2  A dash (-)

7.3  The VIRIN of the entry (all entries submitted must have a VIRIN assigned). Please ensure that the VIRIN used in the file name matches the VIRIN placed in the IPTC Header.

7.4 Next, ensure that the proper extension is placed on the end of the file.

8. File Naming for Picture Story Entries: Each picture story will be submitted as a collection of individual images. There is no reason to submit a composite layout.

8.1  Each file name will begin with PS#, where # is the number of the Picture Story (i.e. PS1, PS2, PS3).

8.2  A dash. (-)

8.3  Your VISION ID (format: AANNN).

8.4  A dash. (-)

8.5  Sequence number (001) in order of how they should be seen.

8.6  EXAMPLE: PS1-CJ989-001

9. MVA Categories: The following categories are established specifically for the MVA Competition.

9.1 Combat Documentation: This category is separated into two divisions. Each will depict the U.S. military’s participation in a Joint or Service exercise, contingency operation or real world event. Please choose operational or training. Do not submit without designation.

9.1.1 Operational:Depicts real-world operations to include combat operations, disaster relief, and any contingency event not related to training, exercise or simulation.

9.1.2 Training:Depicts training, exercise or simulation of contingency support.

9.2 Picture Story:Series of pictures that reveal a storyline or a single theme. Specifications as to how to submit the Picture Story are found above.

9.3 News:Scheduled or unscheduled news event.

9.4Feature:Storytelling picture not news-related; usually a situation that has strong human interest or a fresh view of a commonplace occurrence.

9.5 Portrait/Personality:Picture that identifies and captures a subject’s character.

9.6 Illustrative Photography:Photograph produced to illustrate a preconceived theme, concept or idea and does not include text or graphics.

9.7 Pictorial:Photograph that exploits the visual qualities of the subject with primary emphasis on composition and aesthetics.

9.8 Sports:Photograph of sports participation or of a sports-related activity.

9.9 MVA Photographer of the Year (portfolio): A portfolio entry may consist of no more than 10 entries, with at least one entry in the Picture Story category, and at least one entry in four of the remaining categories. No more than two picture stories may be included; however, individual photos that are a part of a picture story are eligible. All entries in the portfolio will automatically be distributed to their individual categories and will be judged in those categories and count towards the maximum of 20 entries per entrant limit. Only one portfolio per entrant is allowed. Entrants of this category must submit a one-page biography and a digital photograph of themselves with their portfolio. Both the biography and photo must be cleared for release.